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Cute Baby Matchbox Doll for Girls – Penina – The Italian Collection - Stork Babies - beautiful handcrafted dolls

Cute Baby Matchbox Doll for Girls – Penina – The Italian Collection

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Product Description:
Ciao! Need a wonderful gift for your little girl? This cute baby matchbox doll is waiting to be caressed by your child’s warm loving hands.

Penina is a lightweight 3-inch Italian toy doll which is fun to bring around in your child’s pocket. So small that she can be taken anywhere to play and have fun with.

She wears her wonderful yellow winter clothes and hat combined with a furry white scarf and mittens. So stylish, isn’t she?

Stork baby Penina says:

“I love all the friends I have! Always be a good friend because friends are like little treasures you find throughout your life.”

1) She loves bananas
2) She loves giraffes

I am from Trieste, Italy

Penina is not just an ordinary toy doll but a play buddy that your child will really love.

She comes in her own matchbox that can be used as a bed and best match for dollhouse play.

Stork Babies are modern take on vintage doll. They are beautifully designed and handcrafted matchbox dolls. They are wonderful glimpse of your past that can be a perfect gift for your children.