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Environmental Sustainability

The Fiammetta Toy Company Inc. and Stork Babies makes their dolls with safety, social and environmental impacts in mind.  The Fiammetta Toy Company Inc. is a boutique doll company based out of Vancouver, BC and is committed to making this earth a better place through their environmental, safety and social commitments. 

Below is our overarching sustainability mission and below this, additional information in the areas of safety and social responsibility can be found.  

Sustainability – Mission Statement

At The Fiammetta Toy Company Inc. and Stork Babies, we are passionate and enthusiastic about protecting our planet and conserving natural resources for future generations. We have recognised the impact that our business can have on the environment and are committed to reducing our carbon and environmental footprints. We are continuously trying to improve our product design, reduce our packaging and re-use where we can in order to meet our circular economy objectives.

We have anchored sustainability into the structural core of our business and from this have created objectives and strategies to ensure we meet our requirements. Within this context, all decisions that are made will take into consideration the economic, environment and social aspects.

The Fiammetta Toy Company has created a Sustainability Plan and Targets (see below). For more information regarding our plan, please contact us directly



All toys produced have been tested to meet all required safety standards in Canada, USA and Europe.   Stork Babies are intended for children that are 3 years and up. Small parts are a component of each of the Stork Babies, so we state that this toy is intended for children 3 years and up. It is very unlikely that anything will fall off your toy, however we want to ensure your child is safe at all times.  So please – only let children that are 3 and up play with these dolls. 

Environmental Considerations

Doll Packaging:

The dolls are packaged in an environmentally sustainable manner with minimal use of cardboard and plastic. Packaging has been optimized for waste minimization and is as sustainable as possible. The box in which the Stork Baby are in acts as its matchbox-sized bed, and is to continue to be played with (not disposed of). The company has made a commitment to the environment and has chosen to reduce packaging and to use minimal amounts of plastic in any of their packaging choices. In addition, the use of fabrics is optimized and is used elsewhere in the design of other dolls where able.

Recycling and Energy Use

In addition to packaging considerations for the products we create, we also look to engage our employees to ensure they recycle and re-use where possible (including paper, cardboard, plastic and organic waste). We are also trying to reduce our energy and transportation impacts and as a corporation. We ensure that all all the lights used in our office are LED. In addition, all lights and computers are turned off at the end of the day. If some device is not being used we ensure to unplug these as well (energy vampires).

We also consider vehicle choice as a way to make a difference. The vehicles we use are Hybrid model vehicles.

We have recently moved offices and are now creating new baselines for water and energy use (electricity and natural gas).

At the office, all paper, cardboard, plastic food containers and organic waste is recycled. We have calculated our carbon foot print for our office space based on some generalities, however this figure will be more accurate once we get our confirmed baselines from our new building (at the end of 2019).

Water Use 

We are currently working on a benchmark number for water use. We moved into a new facility in March of 2019 and are still collecting data. Once a number is achieved for the year, we can look at making substantial reductions. 

Shipping our Goods

When it comes to shipping our goods to our customers, we try to ship them in recycled (re-used) cardboard boxes (shoe boxes, cereal boxes etc.) as much as possible. For large shipments from our factory we rely on ship transport and not air transport.  


The factory that is used to create these precious little dolls has been audited for environmental practices and worker welfare. We are proud to say that our factory achieved outstanding results for waste minimization and human rights.

Social Responsibility

In addition to sustainable packaging which eliminates waste, a portion of the profits of each Stork Baby™ sold is donated to Plan Canada's "Because I Am a Girl" foundation.  We truly believe in gender equality and that girls should also have the right go to school. We need to ensure these young girls, learn and grow in order for them to become strong successful woman. 

We also truly believe in ethnic diversity. We have multicultural dolls with dark skin. We believe that all skin colors are beautiful.