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Safety and Social Responsibility

The Fiammetta Toy Company™ makes these dolls with a safety, social and environmental conscience.  


All toys produced have been tested to meet all required safety standards in Canada, USA and Europe.   Stork Babies are intended for children that are 3 years and up. Small parts are a component of each of the Stork Babies, so we state that this toy is intended for children 3 years and up. It is very unlikely that anything will fall off your toy, however we want to ensure your child is safe at all times.  So please – only let children that are 3 and up play with these dolls. 


The dolls are packaged in an environmentally sustainable manner, with as little packaging used as possible. Package design is sustainable, as the box in which the Stork Baby™ is sold is also its matchbox-sized bed, and meant to continue to be played with, not disposed of. The company has made a commitment to the environment and has chosen to reduce packaging and to use minimal amounts of plastic in any of their packaging choices. 

Factory Auditing in China - the factory that is used to create these precious little dolls has been audited for environmental practises and worker welfare. We are proud to say that our factory achieved outstanding results for waste minimization, worker rights and logistical adherences.  

Social Responsibility

In addition to sustainable packaging which eliminates waste, and is an integral part of the toy, a portion of the profits of each Stork Baby™ sold is donated to Plan Canada's "Because I Am a Girl" Charity through a partnership and support agreement. Plan Canada has already provided support to the Fiammetta Toy Company™ by promoting the toys through its social media channels. Part of the branding for the company and the Stork Babies™ is a commitment to showing the dolls in nature, and encouraging children to learn about and love nature as well as teach children about world cultures and nations through the themes of the planned doll collections.