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Map of Italy and Doll Locations

Here is a map of the country of Italy.  

Try and find where all the dolls from the Italian Collection come from.


Some Facts about Italy:

  • Vatican City and San Marino are very small independent states located inside Italy.
  • Italy belongs to the continent of Europe. Countries that border Italy are Austria, France, Vatican City, San Marino, and Switzerland.
  • Rome is the capital city of Italy. Other major cities include Milan, Naples, Turin, and Palermo.
  • Rome was the home to the Ancient Romans, a civilization that grew into a huge empire. Western civilization as we know today is based on many Ancient Roman principles.
  • Italy has many earthquakes and volcanoes due to the conflict between the Eurasian and the African tectonic plates. The volcanoes Etna and Vesuvius are a constant danger to humans due to their closeness to big cities.
  • Over 61 million people live in Italy (61,261,254) as of 2012.