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8 - Margarita

Hola! I’m Margarita! I’m two-years-old and I come from Córdoba, which is a smallish city in south-central Spain. A long time ago Córdoba was surrounded by huge stone walls and today you can still explore some of them, which I love to do. Córdoba was really important historically and today it’s known for its culture, art, silver jewelry and ancient buildings like the La Mezquita, the Great Mosque. The mosque has loads of pillars inside that are great for hiding behind!

I was born in the early morning of December 3rd, the month of “Navidad” – that’s “Christmas” – which is my favorite holiday. I really like having my birthday in December because it feels like the whole month is a celebration! I love counting the days from my birthday to Christmas because I love math.

I have one sister who is five-years-old. She just lost her first tooth, so “Ratoncito Pérez” – the tooth mouse – took her tooth and gave her candy. It was really exciting! I love to take walks in the forest with my family. I wish I could take my cat “Molly” with us but she doesn’t like to go outside! I love all animals but I love my cat best.

My favorite saying is: “Accept everyone for who they are and try not to judge. Everyone is special and unique!”

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