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7 – Cove

Ciao! I’m Cove! I’m two-years-old and I come from Prato, a medium-sized town in the popular Tuscany region of Italy. My city is only 30 minutes from Florence, but not many  tourists visit even though Prato has almost 40 palaces to run around in! Even better than that, we have the famous “biscotti di Prato”, the best cookies in the world!

I was born during a thunderstorm on Sept. 10th. Maybe that’s why I love the rain, especially thunderstorms! The only time I don’t like wet days is when I want to be outside playing baseball. I love baseball! I always practice throwing because I want to be a pitcher, and I am confident I will be. The good thing about living close to Florence is that most of the teams play near there, so may be my parents will take me to a real game some day.

I don’t have any brothers or sisters yet, but my Mom is going to have a baby soon! I hope it’ll be another boy! I do have a best friend though, and he lives right next to me. He comes from China – Prato has a big Chinese population – and we play together almost every day. We love catching lizards, which is really hard because they’re really fast! – and then setting them free.