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6 - Umberto

Hola! I’m Umberto! I’m four-years-old and I come from Bilbao, Spain, which is the capital of the Basque Country in north-central Spain. Bilbao is really neat because it has a river that cuts the city in two, which you can explore by boat, and it’s surrounded by forests, beautiful mountains and beaches, so there is a lot to do. That’s perfect for me because I am always full of non-stop energy so I love to be busy! Bilbao is also famous for shipbuilding, the Guggenheim Museum, a huge art museum, and for being the capital of cod fish.

I was born in the afternoon on September 21st, and it was raining, which is pretty normal because it rains a lot in Bilbao. Since I turned two-years-old, I have been getting two new toy “autos” – that means “cars” – for my birthday every year. They are my favorite present because I love shiny cars! My parents always make my favorite dinner for my birthday too - “pasta con albóndigas,” or “pasta with meatballs!”

I have one sister who is five years old and another sister who is seven years old. Since the Basque Country has two languages, my sisters learn both Spanish and Basque at school and they’re teaching me Basque too. It’s really fun knowing another language! We teach it to our pet rabbit, Saskia, too!

My favorite saying is: “Be a true friend to someone. Everyone needs a great friend!”

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