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6 – Flordelise

Ciao! I’m Flordelise! I’m three-years-old and I come from Florence, which is one of the most popular cities to visit in Italy. Florence has so much cool art and the best food, especially the “gelato” – that’s ice cream – which I would eat every day! My favorite flavor is “limone,” or lemon.

I was born on May 16th, which is also the same day my parents got our first dog seven years ago! We now have two boy dogs and one girl cat, and I hope we can get one more dog because I love dogs!  My dogs names are Blu, for my favorite color, and Fausto, which means lucky, and my cat’s name is Azzura because she has blue eyes. My favorite place to walk the dogs is along one of Florence’s famous bridges called Ponte Vecchio, which is built on stilts and lined with all kinds of amazing shops.

I have one older brother, who is four, and we are best friends. We both love the sun and swimming. We love taking the bus together to our favorite outdoor swimming pool. In fact, we take the bus everywhere because you have to have special permission to drive a car in the city center where we live! I am kind so I always give up my seat on the bus to an old person.