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5 - Carisa

Hola! I’m Carisa! I’m almost three-years-old and I come from San Sebastián, a small coastal city in the north of Spain, close to France. Although it’s a small city, it’s the most famous place to visit, mostly because of its food – the best in Spain – and beautiful beaches. My favorite place to play is at the beach because there are always kids playing “fútbol” – that means “soccer” – and I love playing soccer!

I was born in the early morning on February 6th, which is the same birthday as my “abuela” – that means “grandma” – and she is the best baker so she always makes me an extra special dark chocolate cake for my birthday. I love dark chocolate! When I get a little older my grandma says she’ll take me to the Monte Igueldo, an awesome amusement park with roller coasters, bumper cars and a haunted house – I can’t wait!

I don’t have any brothers or sisters yet but my Mom is going to have a baby soon! I hope it’s another girl so we can play together. I am a good friend to my friends and I am a great listener.

My favorite saying is: “Enjoy the world and all of the beautiful things it has to offer, especially ice cream!”

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