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5 – Paxe

Ciao! I’m Paxe! I’m almost four-years-old and I come from Verona, Italy, which is known as “piccola Roma”, little Rome, because just like Rome, it has amazing history and beauty. One of the most famous sites in Verona is the Arena, a huge, round, open-air theater, which has plays, festivals and concerts. It’s one of my favorite places to visit because it’s great for playing hide and seek, and some of it is colored pink, just like my hat and scarf!  

I was born on July, 16th. My family was on the top of Verona’s tallest tower, Lamberti's Tower – it has 238 steps! – when I decided it was time for me to be born, so it was quite an adventure to get me to the hospital! I love visiting the tower because I always try to spot my “condominio” – that means apartment building – and, usually, my parents tell me my birth story, which always makes me laugh! 

I love my family. I have one older sister, who is five, and one younger sister, who is two. Our favorite place to play is at a nearby flower garden, which has loads of butterflies, and I love butterflies! I don’t have any pets – I really want a puppy – but I hope I get one because I’m super loving and would take good care of a dog. I love to draw with crayons. My favorite thing to draw is a bike because I love to ride my tricycle!