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Trisola - adorable orange matchbox from the Italian Collection

Ciao! I’m Trisola! I’m three-years-old and I come from Genoa, Italy, which is known as “la Superba”, the superb one, because it has so many amazing old and new landmarks to see. Genoa is the biggest seaport in Italy, and I love to visit it to see the huge cruise ships and ferries there as well as the smaller boats of all different colors – my favorite one in the harbor is bright yellow!

I was born early in the morning on Oct. 15th, at the exact same time my older brother, who is four, was born! The people in the hospital thought that was so neat, that they took a picture of me and my family and it was printed it in the local newspaper! I was also born in the same month as Cristoforo Colombo – Christopher Columbus – the famous Italian explorer! I love building boats with my wooden blocks, so maybe I’ll build a real boat and be an explorer too one day!

I love to tell jokes and funny stories to my family and my two pet hamsters, Dolce and Crema, who live in my brother’s and my bedroom. It’s perfect that I have hamsters because they do really funny things when they play. When I’m not playing with them, I love to draw and write stories.