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3 - Estrella

Hola! I’m Estrella! I’m three-years-old and I come from Granada, which is a medium-sized city in the south of Spain. Granada’s location is awesome because it’s next to the Sierra Nevada mountains, and it’s about one hour from the sea, so I can play in the snow and on a sandy beach on the same day! Granada also has one of the most famous castles in the world, called Alhambra, and it’s perfect for playing tag because it has huge gardens.

I was born in the morning on April 20th. My Mom says I cried a lot and made humming noises when I slept, but she says she didn’t mind the humming because that’s how she knew I was dreaming! And now that I’m older, I still make a lot of noise because I am “muy hablador” – that means “very talkative!” The only time I’m quiet is when I’m eating! I love pickles and cucumbers, and my favorite fruit is pomegranate, which is the symbol of Granada. 

I have two older sisters, one who is 4-years-old and one who is 7-years-old. I share a bedroom with my closest sister, Avril, which means “April” (even though she was born in February) and we play together all the time. But what I most love to do is look at stars. I hope I get a telescope one day so I can look for stars all the time.   

My favorite saying is: “The climb up the big hill may seem hard, but push on, you can make it!”

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