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2 - Paloma

Hola! I’m Paloma! I’m four-years-old and I come from Barcelona, which is the second biggest city in the northeast of Spain. Barcelona sits on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, so along with having some of the oldest buildings in the country, it also has seven amazing beaches! My favorite is one of the oldest and biggest ones called Barceloneta, which means “little Barcelona.” We go there almost every weekend in the summer.

I was born really late on November 11th, which is the same birthday as my pet parakeet Esmeralda! I love birds – real ones and ones in books – so I screamed so loud when my Mom gave me Esmeralda for Christmas last year! I named her Esmeralda because she has emerald-colored wings.

I live with my Mom and my baby sister in an apartment near one of the most famous streets in Barcelona called Las Ramblas, which has loads of shops and street performers singing, dancing and playing music. I love riding my bike, and often on sunny days, my Mom and I ride our bikes to this street and have “gelata” – that means “ice cream” – which is my favorite treat! I also love to make jokes and make people laugh! 

My favorite saying is: “Don’t worry about coming in first, just have fun!”

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