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Cute small baby doll- #2 – Donata

Ciao! I’m Donata! My friends call me “Doni” for short. I’m three-years-old and I come from Milan, Italy, which is famous for fashion and soccer. It’s also one of the biggest cities in Italy so we get millions of visitors every year – this is perfect for me because I’m a very curious girl, so I often ask the tourists where they are from. 

I was born on a really hot, sunny afternoon on Aug. 14th. That could be why I love sunny days! I was born the day before a special holiday in Italy called “Ferragosto,” which is when many Italians either head to the beach or the mountains for summer holidays. Even though it’s cool to be born so close to Ferragosto, my favorite holidays are Christmas and Halloween, which we only started celebrating in my country a few years ago!

I have one older brother, who is six-years-old, and I tell him all of my dreams. I often dream of becoming a famous fashion designer so it’s good I live in Milan! When I’m not thinking about fancy clothes and shoes, I love to play with my two pet kittens, Marco and Polo, in my bedroom. I share my dreams with them too!