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1 - Coco-Lolita

Hola! I’m Coco-Lolita! I’m three-years-old and I come from Madrid, the capital of Spain and the country’s biggest city. Madrid is the most popular city to visit in Spain - more than seven million people a year come to see it! There are sculptures and statues everywhere, which I love to climb on when my parents aren’t looking, and loads of “parques,” – that means “parks.” My favorite one is the Casa de Campo, because it has an amazing zoo and an amusement park! Madrid is also famous for bullfighting, but I haven’t been to one yet. 

I was born on May 14th, which is really cool because that’s one day before the San Isidro Labrador holiday, where everyone eats huge meals in honor of farming. So it feels like I get two birthday parties! All I ever want for my birthday is Lego – I love to play with Lego!

I have a big family – one younger sister, and three older brothers – and we have two dogs, Amigo, which means friend and Azul, which means blue. The only animal I love more than my dogs is a horse, but horses are a bit too big for a house pet! I don’t have many friends as I’m a little shy, but my best friend is Orlando and I love playing with my family. 

I have faith in my abilities. Believe in your abilities and you can achieve anything! 

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