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Stork Babies


Matchbox dolls are some of the most wonderful dolls in the world. They were created in the 1970’s and 1980’s and could be found for sale all around the world at that time. They are typically 3-4 inches in size and come in a small box that resembles an old matchbox type box. They are filled with beans inside and usually have a scarf or bow around their neck. I had my first encounter with matchbox dolls in 1976 in Greece. I walked into a store that sold them on a rack that went round and round. As a kid, this rack was ginormous and breath taking. The rack was completely filled with these tiny dolls. I think if I had enough money, I think I would have bought all those little dolls that day.  However, it appears matchbox dolls fell out of style in the 1990’s.  For me, they never have fallen out of style. I still love them to this day.

  Matchbox dolls

Some of the old toy companies that specialized in matchbox doll creation were: Fofolete, ElGreco, Pierino, Baby William, Little Friends and others.

Now some of these rare vintage matchbox dolls can now be found on EBay and different auction sites.  Some of them go for $40-80 per doll!!

Matchbox dolls

However, there are matchbox dolls now! The Fiammetta Toy Company Inc., from Vancouver, BC, Canada has created their own version of matchbox dolls, called Stork Babies. Some are in the typical onzie style suit and others have dresses and/or pants. All are brightly colored and are filled with beans. This is the only company at this time that are producing matchbox dolls. Stork Babies are sold worldwide to the USA, Canada, Brazil, The Netherlands, England, Australia etc. 

Below are all of the Stork Babies you can purchase. They all come with unique names and positive empowering sayings. The Fiammetta Toy Company Inc. believes in inspiring children and making children confident at a young age.

matchbox dolls


What is great about these small matchbox dolls is they are very small and you can fit them right into your hand. This makes them exceptional travel companions for small kids, or adults (if you so desire). I remember bringing my matchbox  doll everywhere with me. They were so tiny, they were so precious to me.

The Fiammetta Toy Company Inc. and Stork Babies - currently have 32 dolls to choose from, a purse, and stork sacs (sleeping bags) for the babies.  A percentage of all profit also goes to Because I am a Girl - Plan Canada and Plan USA to help children in 3rd world countries. The Fiammetta Toy Company is proud to support this cause. 

 kids purse

Check out to see all of their little mini-matchbox dolls. You will be delighted.

Small dolls

We hope you love our dolls.

Elizabeth Cross - owner of Stork Babies and The Fiammetta Toy Company Inc.



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