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Making children confident

Tips to making your children CONFIDENT

I have been asked many times, how my children have become so confident. I don't mean they are boastful or think they are amazing, I mean - they truly believe in themselves.  I am no child expert but here are some of the tricks I have learned along the way....

You can start as soon as they are old enough to walk and do a task. 

For example, when my children were little, and we would go to a fast food chain, I would get them to put in their own order. If they wanted a glass of water or an icecream, I would hand them the money and say, "Go order". I know this sound absolutely obvious, but at a young age it is intimidating ordering from an adult, but as soon as they learn how to do this, it really made a difference.

Also - at a restaurant, get them to order their own food from the waiter or waitress. Tell them to say, "May I please have....".  Tell them to look at the waiter or waitress directly in the eye, be polite and order.  

Teaching children to believe in themselves and giving them challenges at a young age is, I believe, essential. Find a task they are good at, like organizing the shoes in the hallway, and praise them for doing it. One of my children is a pro at this simple task. I have told her she is the best at it - in the house. 

I think you have to truly believe they are special - for them to believe they are special. 

Here at Stork Babies we believe in empowering children and giving them the tools to believe in themselves.  My childeren - have designed all these Stork Baby dolls by themselves!  Come check out our cute matchbox beanie dolls at Each one of our Stork Babies is special and unique - just like your child or grandchild. 

Those are a few of my tips. I hope you enjoy. If you have any tips of your own - I would love to hear them! 

Lizzy C 



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