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Diversity and Multicultural Play in the Toy Box


Diversity and Multicultural Play in the TOY BOX


At The Fiammetta Toy Company Inc. and Stork Babies ( we have many beliefs about children. One of our main beliefs is that children need to be “empowered”. If you empower children, they begin to believe in themselves and what they can do.  And by doing this, children become confident. We feel that if you are a confident child, you will be set-up to be a confident adult. Provide tools to your child to help motivate them, challenge and teach them that they can accomplish anything. Let them try doing things on their own. Give them the courage to know they can do things.  Each of our dolls comes with a motivational and empowering saying that children can recite and say out loud.  Each of our dolls come with sayings like, “You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing”.



One of the other beliefs we have is “diversity”. Diversity means understanding that each individual is unique and special and recognizing our individual differences. This can include, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs etc. That is why we have included a range of countries our dolls come from as well having boy dolls in our collections. Why is it that most dolls are girls? This is not right. We need to ensure children play with boy dolls as well to help eliminate certain stereotypes and gender biases. We also have different skin colors on our dolls. We feel that playing with multicultural dolls adds so much to a child’s play time.

All our dolls are unique. We give each of them individual names, different attire, and each come with a unique saying.  We feel that when children have a choice to play with different skinned dolls and genders, it prepares them for everyday life. It also gives them the respect we need to show one another, regardless of race, gender, physical impairment etc. We are all unique and beautiful.  Generally, playing with dolls helps with social skills, empathy, compassion and responsibility.  However, playing with a diverse selection of dolls and multicultural dolls, helps promote the celebration and appreciation of cultural similarities and differences.  Playing with a variety of dolls also encourages a child’s self-acceptance, self-identification, confidence and self-esteem, which is crucial for a child’s optimum development.

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