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Pre-Orders and Soft-Launch

We are so excited and stoked here at The Fiammetta Toy Co. Inc.™ today. We have so many exciting things to share with you.

First - Today is the FIRST day of Pre-Orders of Stork Babies™!!!!! Yes, yes, yes……We will be getting our first shipment of Stork Babies™ at the beginning of November.  However, we are pleased to let our excited customers know you can Pre-Order them today!  They are going to go like hot-cakes, and there is only a limited amount, so order them before they are gone!  Once the dolls arrive at our doorstep, we will send them to yours within a few days. Please be patient.

Second - We have partnered with Plan Canada – “Because I am a Girl” and with them we are pleased to announce we are celebrating “International Day of the Girl” – October 11th It’s a way to recognize girls’ rights and the unique challenges that girls face around the world, as well as celebrating their power and potential! We are using the first ever Day of the Girl to shine a light on the importance of girls’ education. Check out the link here!


Third – So, if we are taking Pre-Orders today and celebrating with our partnering Charity – Plan Canada – “Because I am a Girl”, then I would have to say this is our Soft-Launch.  Yippeee! This is what we have waited for, for so so long!!!

Remember - Stork Babies™ are NOT JUST DOLLS, they are so, so, so much MORE!  When you purchase Stork Babies™, not only are you helping your own kids with believing in themselves (when you read and talk about the sayings on the back of the box), you are helping little ones in 3rd world countries get educated and nourished!   Please spread the word about these amazing little gifts to the world!

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