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Ebola and Stork Baby dolls - what do they have in common?


I just wanted to write a bit about Ebola and the outbreaks. To be honest - I am a little freaked out. Should I be? The latest case was on the news today. A nurse in Madrid, Spain has now become infected and a bunch of people are in quarentine. It seems to me, that if we don't get a handle on it, it could spread like wildfire. We have so much international travel all over the world and lovely warm flying incubators....a good recipe to have this virus travel the world. 

Here is a bit of the article I read:

"Three more people were put under quarantine for possible Ebola at a Madrid hospital where a Spanish nursing assistant became infected, authorities said Tuesday. More than 50 others were being monitored as experts tried to figure out why Spain's anti-infection practices failed.

The nursing assistant, part of a special team that cared for a Spanish priest who died of Ebola last month, was the first case of Ebola being transmitted outside of West Africa, where a months-long outbreak has killed at least 3,500 people and sparked social unrest. Health authorities are investigating how she became infected.

Her case highlighted the dangers health care workers face while caring for Ebola patients — officials said she had changed a diaper for the priest and collected material from his room after he died. Dead Ebola victims are highly infectious and in West Africa their bodies are collected by workers in hazmat outfits.

News of the Ebola quarantines spooked investors Tuesday because Spain is one of Europe's biggest tourist destinations. Shares of Spanish airline and hotel chain companies slumped as investors feared the Ebola case might scare away travelers.

The nursing assistant, reportedly in her 40s, was not identified to protect her privacy but nursing union officials she had 14 years of experience and authorities said she had no children. The virus that causes Ebola spreads through direct contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person....."


Here is the link to read more- Spanish ebola info

Here is a map of the spread of the Ebola Virus

Here is also a link to get more information about the basics of Ebola.  Basics of Ebola


So what does Ebola and Stork Babies have in common? Our current collection of dolls are the Spanish Collection and the most recent infection was announced in Spain. I know this is by no means related to Ebola, however it is just something I wanted to speak about. 

I often wonder - if the spread became massive - what would I do? Would I escape to the woods and hide out in a cabin and wait it out? What would you do? 




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