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Dolls: Does Color Matter? Black vs White



What do children prefer – BLACK OR WHITE DOLLS?

Hi - So what do you think, do children prefer white or black dolls? I recently came across this shocking video that is a compilation of short clips from various sources such as MSNBC, CNN, and a research group in Mexico. It shows children being asked questions about what doll they prefer and why. It asks children what dolls are pretty, ugly, bad, good, smart, dumb and mean etc. Can you guess what they said? Of the first study 15 out of 21 children preferred the white doll. In the research completed in Mexico one of the children said they liked the white doll more because they white people could be trusted. Overall it shows children prefer white dolls for various reasons.  Here is the link to the Youtube Video to see more -  DOLL TEST 1.   I have also included another video that pulls it all together and I LOVE what the girl at the end of the video has to say -  PARENTS REACT TO DOLL TEST 2 . She thought all the dolls were nice and that she didn't care if they were white, black or what race they were - it matters who they are!  That is exactly what I think. Everyone is beautiful whatever your skin color or race is. I am blonde and before I was married, all I dated was Asian fellows. I guess for me this whole multi-cultural topic was one of the reasons I wanted to create Stork Babies. We wanted to create babies from various countries and share them with the world. To be honest, some people have asked me to make MORE dark skinned babies and LESS dark skinned babies. I love all the babies our company makes, no matter of skin color. Our upcoming French Collection will have a beautiful black baby and two dark skinned babies. They are going to be absolutely gorgeous!  Below is our new Spanish Collection.




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Elizabeth Cross, President of Stork Babies and The Fiammetta Toy Company Inc.

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