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Dolls Vs. Electronics and how much screen time is appropriate?

Purchasing gifts is occurring all around the world right now! So we wanted to give you a litte insight to our thoughts on "Dolls vs. Electronics and how much screen time is appropriate". 


children watching TV screen time guidelines

Here are some facts: 

1. By the age of seven the average child will have spent a full year of 24-hour days watching recreational screen media. Over the course of childhood, children spend more time watching TV than they spend in school.    
2. Parents who want to reduce their children’s screen time need to establish rules to reduce the risk of later health and psychological issues.
3. 14 year olds watch 4 hours of TV a day
4. Like other addictions screen time creates significant changes in brain chemistry – most notably, in the release of dopamine. This neurotransmitter – also known as the pleasure chemical – is central to addictions from sugar to cocaine.


Here is a great link to read more!

So - we think there are benefits to having screen time including concentration, hand-eye coordination, problem solving and adapting your mind for various skills including engineering etc. We are "for" the use of electronics but too much can make you a bit anti-social.  

Dolls help children when it comes to nuturing. This skill is essential when having friends, and having a family of your own. Dolls help children with thier imagination and creativity. 

So - when you are choosing your gifts this Christmas - GET A BALANCE OF GIFTS.  Not just electronic gadgets! And regarding screen time - 1-2 hours a day is what we think is appropriate. 

Thanks and chat soon!

Lizzy Cross

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