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Designed to provide children with an adorable companion to dazzle their imaginations and to remind them of their worth!

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Plan Canada

Awesome Cute Handmade Dolls

Stork Babies are colorful mini-bean babies that can fit right in your palm and your pocket. These little delights were created by children! Yes, you read that correctly - all of the Stork Baby dolls have been designed by children, my children. We work as a family to come up with the names of the dolls and their unique sayings. Each individual doll has an empowering saying it comes with (located on box and brochure), like "Believe in your dreams"....  These mini-bean dolls are so adorably little, so it makes it easy take your new friend anywhere with you…on a car ride, to the park….

Another amazing thing about Stork Babies is they have partnered with Plan USA and Plan Canada. So for every doll you purchase, a portion of the proceeds go to help educate and nourish children in 3rd world countries.